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Giorno: 18/12/2022, 14:27:12
Igel 3.2.0

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Charisma is a 64-bit UCI chess engine, based on Stockfish developer versions. The code comes from various Stockfish developer versions and Fishcooking test-versions. But some ideas, e.g. the pieces values, are mine. The features, such as the live book, MCTS and the learning code, are identical to Andrea Manzo's great open source engine Brainlearn. Charisma is therefore also open source. I built this engine primarily to analyze openings and practical positions. The engine is a little less selective than Stockfish, but a little more selective than e.g. Corchess. Therefore, the engine can be used universally, e.g. also for playing on various chess servers! It should be noted that the NNUE network is external and in the folder with the engine must be copied. Test result: In my EN-Test 2022, Charisma is currently the leader with 116 out of 120 solutions (60s). In the picture I have shown the settings with which I play on online servers. This includes "MinimumThinkingTime" (100ms) option. This value should only be set on the servers, but should be set to 0 for offline games.

Giorno: 05/02/2023, 21:54:04
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Giorno: 21/12/2022, 08:19:53
Nuova versione di Stockfish con nuova rete neurale link
Giorno: 31/12/2022, 20:37:27
ShashChess 27

BrainLearn 21

Blue Marlin 15.5
Giorno: 03/01/2023, 10:58:47
Charisma Gold (sf clone)
Giorno: 04/01/2023, 08:58:14
Ancora un altra rete per Stockfish

Banksia 0.57 rc0
Giorno: 06/01/2023, 17:39:43
Scid 5.0 beta
Giorno: 14/01/2023, 13:39:15
Nuova versione di Stockfish con nuova rete

LucasChess 2.05b

Koivisto 8.17

CFishGN nnue, la rete penso sia il file zip...
Giorno: 16/01/2023, 00:20:14
Koivisto 9.0

CFishGN con rete da 47mb come gli ultimi Stockfish

PolyFish 150123

CorChess 140123
Giorno: 22/01/2023, 13:35:20
ShashChess 27.2
Giorno: 23/01/2023, 09:33:42
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Nuova rete Stockfish