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Giorno: 14/05/2020, 09:37:40
Komodo 14
E'stato rilasciato Komodo 14!!
Giorno: 05/10/2022, 02:04:03
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Giorno: 14/05/2020, 23:15:57

We have released Komodo 14 at It is a significant strength improvement over 13.3, the last release, about 20 elo in MCTS mode and 10 elo in standard mode. Total gains from Komodo 13 (or 13.01) are about 50 elo in MCTS mode and 40 elo in standard mode. The improvements cover a wide range of issues, including extensions, null move, King Safety, time management, and many more. There is one new feature added since Komodo 13.3, "Armageddon" mode, which tells Komodo that White (or Black) must win, draws are scored as losses for that color. When draws are counted as losses for White, knowing this improves Komodo's performance as White by about 30 elo according to our tests. In Armageddon mode, the specified color (usually White) not only avoids clear draws, but adjusts Contempt by an amount we determined was most helpful for Armageddon play. Testing on one thread in Armageddon mode suggests that on a modern laptop, if White gets one minute total plus 1% increment, and Black gets half a minute plus 1% increment plus draw odds, then chances are fairly close to balanced. Other features added since Komodo 13 include more levels, Personalities, and Auto-Skill. Standard mode remains the strongest when Multi-PV is not in use, while MCTS mode is generally strongest when both are using Multi-PV.