Finale candidati, gara-1

Inserito da vic fontaine il 19/05/2011, 12:59:49

Termina patta in 49 mosse la 1^ partita Grischuk-Gelfand, valida per il match di finale del Torneo dei Candidati di Kazan (Tatarstan), match che si giocherà al meglio delle sei partite: dopo gara-3 c'è giorno di riposo fissato per domenica 22, e gli eventuali spareggi - quattro a cadenza rapid, seguiti in caso di parità da minimatch di due partite blitz (fino a 5), ed eventualmente dalla sudden death - si giocheranno giovedì 26.
I due si sono avviati in un Gambetto di Donna con l'A camposcuro in f4, linea di carattere più posizionale rispetto a quelle (Tartakower, Karlsbad, variante di cambio Axf6) in cui il pezzo viene sviluppato in g5: Grischuk sceglie il seguito raro 6.Tc1, invece della più giocata 6.e3, mentre con 9. ... d4 Gelfand ha preferito evitare il cambio in d5 che lo avrebbe lasciato con il P isolato mentre il suo sviluppo era ancora in fase di completamento. La prima mossa completamente nuova è stata 14. ... Te8, che appare comunque un po' più passiva rispetto all'alternativa teorica 14. ... e4 15.Dg3 h6 16.Td1 hxg5 17.Txd4 Ad7 18.Ae2 con posizione in equilibrio dinamico (P.H.Nielsen-Beliavsky, Malmoe 2004). I seguenti cambi hanno condotto ad un pre-finale con due TT e un A per parte, nel quale Grischuk poteva avere prospettive forse migliori con 19.Re3!?, e se 19. ... fxg2 20.Axg2 Th4 21.Thd1 Ag4 22.Td4 con pezzi bianchi molto più attivi. Gelfand riusciva a cambiare prima una coppia di TT e poi gli AA, entrando in un finale di T+PP con un P in meno ma comunque sempre patto a gioco corretto: l'unica possibile alternativa da considerare era, al posto dello scacco 42.Tg6+, il seguito 42.Tg5!? h4 43.Th5, anche se dopo 43. ... Tf1 44.Rd6 h3 45.Re5 Th1 si arriva ugualmente alla patta.

Grischuk - Gelfand, 1^

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e patta

Domani gara-2 a colori invertiti, con inizio sempre alle 13,00 italiane.

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  1. Utente: Lupin

    19/05/2011, 13:16:42

    Arrivati a questo punto, forza Grischuk!!! :)
  2. Utente: vic fontaine

    19/05/2011, 13:21:09

    ... non foss'altro per la camicia che è molto carina!
    Comunque parte da favorito (Elo), diversamente dai match precedenti.
  3. Utente: Lupin

    19/05/2011, 13:37:02

    I precedenti incontri tra i due vede Grischuk in vantaggio +3=7-1
  4. Utente: DaneelOlivaw

    19/05/2011, 18:20:06

    Io li batterei entrambi utilizzando solamente 1/10 del mio cervello positronico.

    R. Daneel Olivaw.
  5. Utente: myCARtoM

    19/05/2011, 20:45:15

    Ho seguito la partita commentata da un GM...Riporto i commenti live.
    La domanda è: Tutti sicuri che Grischuk sia il miglior candidato al confronto con Anand? Vi prego di osservare /verificare, anche con il contributo di DaneelOlivaw (visto i mezzi che possiede), dalla 20a alla 37a. E' stata una fase che ha sorpreso tutti perché era sembrato che Grischuk avesse il completo controllo della scacchiera e poi è finita come è finita.
    1. d4 [ Sasha starts like most of his games with 1.d4. Lets hope he will change his strategy for the match with Gelfand! In the last match against Kramnik he even stopped to play with white color offering draws immediately after openings, not even reaching move 20.] 1... Nf6 2. c4 e6 3. Nf3 d5 4. Nc3 Be7 5. Bf4 O-O 6. Rc1 [ It is interesting to see what Sasha prepared in this line. 6...c5 could be a possible answer now. Actually 6.Rc1 is a very rare move, been played in only few games, slightly more than 10 in total. Jakovenko seems to like this move, in his game against Adams black played 6...c5 7.dc Bc5 8. e3 Nc6 ed 10.Be2 d4 11.ed Bd4 with an equal position. It would be interesting to see where Sasha thinks he can improve the play of Jakovenko... Boris is thinking so let us also ponder a bit, lets say we would not know that 6...c5 is the main move, what could be the other alternatives? If 6...b6 then is coming. Maybe 6...Nbd7!? then ed 8.Nb5 c6 seems to be ok for black. But after 6...Nbd7 Sascha would probably continue with ed 8.e3 and trying to get sort of a good move order.] 6... c5 [ Yes, Boris is choosing the principled 6...c5! What is great about Gelfand's play, is that he is always going into the main lines!] 7. dxc5 Bxc5 8. e3 Nc6 [ We are following the game Jakovenko-Adams. The game being very recent, from the 2010 Olympiad, Gelfand is probably aware of it. ] 9. a3 [ Aha, new move by Grischuk and we are back in the main line by transposition. Normally the current position can be reached by this move order: 1.d4 d5 2.c4 e5 3.Nc3 Be7 4.Nf3 Nf6 5.Bf4 0-0 6.e3 c5 7.dc Bc5 8.a3 Nc6 and we are back. Black has got two main moves here: 9...a6 or the 9...d4 push. Grischuk's second Etienne Bacrot played an interesting game against the French national coach Pavel Tregubov in 2010 in the Bundesliga. The game ended in a draw, but white has been better.] 9... d4 10. exd4 [ Bacrot played 10.Nd4 Nd4 and 11.b4... ]10... Nxd4 11. b4 Nxf3+ 12. Qxf3 Bd4 [ In the old game Nielsen-Beliavsky from 2004 white played: 13.Nb5 e5 14.Bg5 e4 15.Qg3 and perhaps retained a slight advantage.] 13. Nb5 e5 [ It is always amazing to see how much these top players memorize on theory!! 14.Bg5 seems to be the only option. And also 14...e4 on it seems very logical for black. It would be very interesting to know now, how deep Grischuk and Gelfand have analysed the concrete position... ] 14. Bg5 [ Instead of 14...e4, now maybe 14...Re8 is also an option, with a tricky idea in mind 15.Bf6 e4! 16.Bd8 ef 17.Kd2 Rd8 18.Nd4 Rd4 19.Ke3, when the endgame is only slightly better for white. But i guess Boris will choose 14...e4. It seems like Sasha will finally put some pressure in his white game! Computer also suggests 14...Bb2 as an alternative, but this move is very hard to understand and particularly difficult to make during the on-the-board play. So I still think that 14...e4 or Re8 are definitely main moves, which Gelfand is considering in his calculations now. By the way a little joke about Boris. As we know, Boris likes to play with chess pieces when he is deeply focused on the position. So once he was asked why he is doing that? He answered: "Me, doing what? Playing with a piece? Never!". I would like to have his concentration!! Boris is still thinking and we are staring at the screens...this long consideration is not good for our eyes!! A very long thought by Boris, probably he is not very happy about this position... A possible line after 14...e4 is 15. Qg3 Nh5? 16.Bd8 Ng3 17.Bg5! Nh1 18.Nd4 and white got big advantage.] 14... Re8 [ 14...Re8 finally! Boris is deciding to go for a slightly worse endgame that appears after 15.Bf6 e4. Maybe white can find something better than 15.Bf6...hard to imagine, for example 15.Be2 e4 16.Qg3 Be5! and black is doing fine. Maybe Sasha is considering 15.c5!?...but after 15...e4 16.Qd1 Bb2 17.Rc2 Qd1 18.Kd1 Be5 the position is not looking better for White. So we expect Sasha to play sooner or later 15.Bf6!, but lets hope of course for the "sooner".] 15. Bxf6 15. e4 16. Bxd8 exf3+ 17. Kd2 [ We are reaching an endgame in which definitely only white can fight for a win. Congratulation to Grischuk's seconds, good job! ]
    17... Rxd8 18. Nxd4 Rxd4+ [ The computers are showing only a slight advantage for white, but in my opinion it might not be the exact evaluation of the position. I think white has a very pleasant advantage, not to say a big one... Boris will have a difficult struggle for draw in the first game of the Qualification to play Vishy Anand for the World Chess Championship. Now an important moment, where to go, 19.Kc3 or 19.Ke3. It is not easy to say...on c3 the king is standing safer but from e3 it is protecting the pawn on f2... because black will either way continue with 19...fg. So I guess we have another 10/15 minutes to make a new coffee. ] 19. Kc3 [ Grischuk decided for 19.Kc3 instead of Ke3, well we will see if he was right.] 19... fxg2 20. Bxg2 [ White's plan is easy, to push the queen side pawns as far as they can go, so b5, a4-a5, c5 ... Black needs to develop quickly, to bring the rook from a8 into the game, and to keep on attacking white pawns f2 or h2 in search for a counterplay... But of course the position is clearly better for white! How much better we will learn during the next 5-10 moves... ] 20... Rg4 [ Boris finds the best move 20...Rg4!!, other moves have been much worse, for example 20...Rf4 21.Rhd1! Be6 22.c5 with big advantage. Now maybe Boris wants to invite 21.Bd5 Be6!!, trying to get into the rook endgame where he would have good chances to make a draw. Perhaps it is interesting for white now to play 21.Rhd1 Be6 22.Bb7 Rc4 23.Kb2 Rc1 24.Rc1 with some advantage, but probably good drawing chances anyway for black. ] 21. Rhd1 Be6 [ Indeed, Grischuk thinks here he will here the best winning chances... ]
    22. Bxb7 Rxc4+ 23. Kb2 Rxc1 [ So what now? 24.Rc1 seems to be forced and Rd8 too.. ] 24. Rxc1 Rd8 [ White will try to push his a and b-pawns forward, while black will seek to exchange the light-squared bishop or to bring his king quickly to the center. Perhaps black could also start pushing his pawn majority... but white's pawn structure f2-h2 is very good in holding blacks pawns f, g, h... So I guess Boris will try to bring the king into play with Kf8-e7-d6 Hm, we know Grischuk is a great thinker but today he even tops himself... Black's direct treat now is Rd3...for example 25.b5 brings nothing to 25...Rd3 26.rc3 Rd2 27.Rc2 and Rd3 back with a draw... ] 25. Kc3 [ Good move by Sasha! He is covering the entry point for the black rook and now on 25...Kf8 there can follow 26.b5 retaining the winning chances...] 25... Kf8 26. b5 Ke7 [ Boris decided to bring the king to the center, as expected...]
    27. a4 [ And Sasha continues pushing his pawns forward...Now it is an important moment for black, what is the best way of stopping the advance a5, b6, a6...] 27... Rd6 [ Very logical play by black, his next move is Kd8, with idea Kc7-b8. White would like to prevent it of course but it is not easy to do so. If white king moves away from c3, then black rook will immediately get very active and enter the 2nd rank.] 28. a5 [ Important moment now, is the game draw after 28...Bd5!? 29.Bd5 Rd5 30 Kb4!? Probably not, white will have good chances for a win, so only 28...Kd8 left. ] 28... Kd8 [ If now 29.b6 then Black has to play Bc8!! Of course not 29...ab 30.a6 Kc7 31.Ra1! Rd8 32.Bg2 and white is close to winning. Hm, looking like a draw to me, now 29.b6 (what else) Bc8! 30.Bc8 Kc8 31.Kb4 Kb8 Ka7 33.Rc7 Ka6 with a draw... ] 29. b6 [ Now Gelfand needs to find 29...Bc8 and I think nothing could change the draw anymore... ] 29... Bc8 [ Boris is defending like a machine! Respect, great defensive effort! ]
    30. Bxc8 Kxc8 31. Kb4+ Kb8 32. bxa7+ [ Boris completed the 95% of work to make a draw, few more exact move are needed. ]
    32... Ka8 33. Rc8+ Kxa7 34. Rc7+ [ I think now after 34...Ka6 35.Rf7 g5! is the most precise move. Should be normally a piece of cake for Gelfand ] 34... Ka6 35. Rxf7 Rg6 [ Not the most exact move but of course still a draw...] 36. h3 [ Pity for Gelfand, after some great defence he was only one exact move away from a draw - 35...g5. Now we are back to fight! White will play f4, f5 and take a walk with his king to f8... ] 36... Rg2 37. f4 Rg3 [Time for a king march, 38.Kc5!! ] 38. f5 h5 39. h4 [ Having in mind that Grischuk was under 2 mins on the clock, he was playing just great! Only one move left until the time control and this will probably be 40.Kc5, on almost any black move... Is the game still a draw or is winning for white? I think 50/50 chance. The last six moves seem like unlucky choices for Boris. Maybe he thought too early that the draw is secured and the job is done?! But anyhow, now he understands that he is only half-way to reaching the desired outcome.] 39... Rg4+ 40. Kc5 Rxh4 [ Now the position is close to draw after 41.Rg7 Rf4 42.Rg5 h4 43.Kd6 h3 44.Rh5 h2 45.Ke6 Rf2 ] 41. Rxg7 Rf4 42. Rg6+ Kxa5 43. Rg5 h4 44. Rh5 h3 45. Kd6 [And the game will end in a draw!! All together, great preparation by Grischuk, 19.Ke3 I think would give white much better chances, and finally great defence by Gelfand!] 45... h2 46. f6+ Kb6 47. Ke6 Rf2 48. f7 Re2+ 49. Kf6
  6. Utente: Nophiq

    19/05/2011, 20:55:54

    @myCARtoM: riporta la fonte dei commenti alla partita (nome sito + link).
  7. Utente: myCARtoM

    19/05/2011, 21:23:30

    Quanto da me riportato è il commento live di un GM. L'opportunità d'inserire quanto richiesto è non opportuno in quanto riporto un argomento di cui non vi è più traccia e pertanto la mia è stata una "relata refero"
    Se ritenesse non soddisfante la motivazione la prego di cancellare il post inserito.
  8. Utente: Lupin

    19/05/2011, 22:09:58

    La traccia c'è, il sito è il noto chessbomb e le analisi durante la partita sono del GM Arkadij Naiditsch.
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